12 Tips the Week Before Your Next OCR

Savoy Mountain Trail Race

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12 Tips the Week Before Your Next OCR cont’d

Here are the next 6 tips from OCR expert, Chris Rutz, for before your next OCR

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7. If you can, check out the course in advance, know the terrain, check out the obstacles. Even if it is just Google earth.

Knowledge is power. Most races frown upon checking out the course in advance. This does not prevent you from doing research. Is the course hilly or flat? Is there water nearby. Do I know anyone that ran the course last year? Go to the race venue the day before and check out the start and finish lines. Familiarize yourself with the area. This will also help to ensure you will not get lost on the way to the race.

8. Do something active of Friday to keep your muscles supple

10-15 min warm-up, walk part of the course, or a quick run and some pushups.

It is alright to take a full rest day before the race, but do not take the day before off. How do you typically warm up before a race or a Crossfit WOD? This is what you should do. As you are checking out the course, run a mile or so. Get your body moving and the blood flowing. See our training module for a suggest WOD before the race.

9. Save your energy, if you can sit, sit. If you can lay down, lay down.

After your scouting and activity, now it is time to rest. Rest meaning, do nothing, take nap, lay down, keep off of your feet as much as possible. Conserve your energy and keep distractions to a minimum.

10. Make a list of what you want to have with you on race day so you do not forget something.

11. Pick your next obstacle race and register now

It may seem silly, but the first thing you are going to ask yourself when you finish the race is, When is my next race? If you do not ask, someone else will. You had better be prepared with an answer. This also helps you focus on your goals. Goals are the key to success.

12. Relax, you are ready.

Now, you are ready to race. You have trained, you have dedicated yourself, now is the time to prove yourself on the course. Congratulations.

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