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12 Tips the Week Before Your Next OCR cont’d

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12 Tips the Week Before Your Next OCR

Chris Rutz is a Spartan Pro Team member, has completed over 30 Spartan Races and 10 Spartan Race Trifecta’s. He is also a CrossFit coach and lives a Paleo lifestyle. He recently placed 3rd in the Spartan Sprint in Hawaii. Needless to say, he knows what he’s talking about.

You can follow him on Twitter @toughrutz or Instagram @toughtraining.

Chris Rutz Hawaii 3

1. Cut your mileage and workout times in half.

Keep your body active the week prior to a race. The goal here is to feel fresh come race day. Now is not the time to breakdown and build up your muscles. That will happen on race day.

2. Keep your workout intensities the same.

Work out at the same exertion as you normally do. This is not a time to just go through the motions. Do not go out and ‘jog’ or take a WOD easy. Maybe back down to 85% but keep pushing.

3. Hydrate, don’t wait until Friday, hydrate all week.

Your body needs to have a water to help your muscles heal and recover. You should always be well hydrated, but this week is especially important.

4. Eat clean, lean meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, no ‘carbo’ loading.

Your food this week, and before the race, should not vary from what you normally eat. You need the naturally nutrient dense foods get your vitamins and minerals

5. Sleep well two nights before race day, you will probably be too wired to sleep well the night before.

This is a big one. You want to be well rested going into the race. You want to focus on your sleep two nights prior to the race. You will likely be at home and more relaxed. You will not be as worried about race day. Our bodies feel the impact of our behaviors typically a day later.

6. Wear your favorite running shoes and shorts for the race, do not try something new.

The mud will come out. As the race day approaches you will ask, Do I have the right Shoes? Shorts? Socks? What you have been training in is fine. New gear often causes more anxiety and discomfort. Stick with what you know. When the race is over, keep your dirty cloths. See module 1.6 on how to clean your gear.

Come back for the next post on the last 6 tips!!

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